Speaking assignment

Speaking practice
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In deze les zitten 10 slides, met interactieve quiz en tekstslides.

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Speaking practice

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  • Instructions
  • Learning objectives
  • The goal of the lesson
  • Pre-task: mindmap 
  • Task: prep and film your video

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Today, you are going to practice your speaking.
First of all, the entire lesson will be given in English.
The lesson will be split into two phases: 
  • Pre-task: mindmap 
  • Task: video assignment

*Only the learning objectives are in Dutch

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Learning objectives
  • Aan het eind van de les kunnen de studenten een video opnemen over hun eigen sport naar keuze. 
  • Aan het eind van de les kunnen de studenten hun sport op een overtuigende manier verkopen.
  • Tijdens de pre-task kunnen de studenten criteria opstellen waar het eind product aan moet voldoen. 

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The goal of this lesson
End product: A video about the sport of your choice.
You need to be able to sell your sport.

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Instructions: Pre-task
In pairs: You are going to brainstorm how you can sell your sport through the video.

What criteria do we need to include in the end product?
What should be included in your video?

After the discussion we fill out the mind map! 

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What should be included in the end product? (video sport)

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Instruction Task
Do research about your sport of choice e.g. football
Points that need to be included in your video:
  • Mention the sport
  • General rules
  • Materials needed to play the sport
  • Sell it!

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Task: Video about your sport of choice
First: plan out your video!
Make sure you add the criteria that should be included in the video. 
Second: Film your video. Your video should be max. 3 minutes.
Third: You need to upload your video on YouTube through shared link. (CLICK)

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I will make a map in MS Teams (NOT THROUGH E-MAIL)
Put your YouTube link in a word document + mention your sport.
You will receive feedback on your speaking, including the task!
Please hand in your product BEFORE 22 April 2021, 16:00.

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