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Class HV3A

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This lesson:

1. Listening: ex. 1 + 2 (p. 8 WB)
2. Grammar: short yes/no answers
3. Four truths and two lies
3. Reading: ex. 5, 6, 7 (p. 10 WB)
4. Work to do! (week 37)

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Ex. 1 + 2 (p. 8 WB)

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Three truths and one lie
Work in pairs.
1. Tell your classmate 4 facts about science. You can use google.
2. Three facts are true, and one facts is false
3. Your classmate has to guess which fact is false.

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Which one is a lie?
1. Your stomach can dissolve razor blades
2. You lose bones as you grow
3. Honey eventually goes bad
4. Gas is not smelly

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Lie: Honey eventually goes Bad!

Honey is a super tasty treat that you can add to tea or your favorite pastry. Unlike sugar or other sweeteners, you don’t ever have to worry about it going bad. Its sugar concentration is so high that it is naturally antibacterial. Jars of honey that are more than 5,000 years old are shockingly still safe to eat.

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Let's practise!
Do exercise 12 on page 13 WB

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Work to do: week 37

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This lesson:
1. A day in the life of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd.
    - advantages/disadvantages Monarchy
    - class debate

2. Work to do!

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A day in the life of the Queen

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The Queen: Daily Routine
Have a think about what the Queen was  doing everyday. What time did she wake up? What did she have for breakfast? Who did she meet? Think about what the Queen did each day and spend a few minutes jotting down a few ideas. After you've written down your sentences, you are going to compare them in pairs. 

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The Monarchy: advantages and disadvantages
Can you think of advantages and disadvantages of the Monarchy? 
Why was having the Queen so important to Britain? Make a few notes. 
You may use these notes to prepare for the debate. 

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Some advantages of Monarchy:
1.  Reduces partisanship and creates a sense of unity:

A monarchical system of government eliminates the need for different parties focusing on different ideologies. Instead, the monarch, with his designees look after the state and though there are departments focusing on different issues each, the lack of competition between the departments discourages polarization immediately. The monarch also acts as a symbol of unity for the citizens when they are looking for a common ground to relate themselves to.

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2. Faster Decision-making Process:

Unlike parliamentary systems which require a vote from the majority for a law to be passed and then have to be signed by the legislative heads, the decision-making process in monarchy comes to an end with the opinion of the ruler. This allows the government to act immediately at times of need.

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3. Smooth Transition of Power:

In a monarchy, the next ruler is already chosen and is known by the citizens, avoiding riots and protests of citizens after the ruler has been announced. This is quite useful in case of abdication by the current ruler or in case of the sudden death of the ruler as the next monarch takes over immediately.
(Like Prince Charles becoming King Charles the third immediately after Queen Elizabeth the 2nd passed away)

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Some disadvantages of Monarchy:
1.Lack of Diversity in the Government

For the government to work according to the needs of the citizens, it is necessary that there are people within the government conveying the needs of a particular class of the society to those in power. Diversity in representatives in the government means diversity in the laws formed and that the laws formed will be for the good of all different communities.

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2. Unparalleled Power of the Monarch

There is little to nothing that the people can do to oppose the monarch in an absolute monarchy rule. Though constitutional monarchy allows representation of people in the government, the amount of power vested in the monarch is still quite high and can be used by the monarch as per their wishes.

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Well? Should Great Britain keep the Monarchy or not?

Aye! (Stand up)

Nay! (stay seated)

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As of today, most of the countries have adopted more democratic forms of government and the reminiscence of the monarchy is bittersweet with all its pros and cons.

Monarchy, while having its fair share of advantages, is still not accepted by many due to the amount of power given to a single person. Hence, it is the nature of this one person that determines the fate of the nation. With good, all shall prosper. With bad, even the great shall fall.

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Work to do!
Work on your weektask (week 37)

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