2C Eng - unit 5 South Africa L3 speaking

      2C - unit 5 - South Africa
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      2C - unit 5 - South Africa

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lesson 2 - speaking
goals today: 
- asking and giving information
- discussing what needs to be done
- giving simple descriptions of activities
- understanding simple conversations

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grammar recap
al eerder geleerd: 
- present simple = tegenwoordige tijd
                                    = ww / ww+s (I walk, he walks, we walk)
                                                               (do I walk/ Does he walk etc)

- to be going to + ww = als je iets gepland had wat zeker is
                                             = I am going to buy a car. 
                                             = He is going to buy a car. 
                                             = We are going to buy a car. 

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future:  nu krijgen deze tenses een extra functie, nl toekomst

present simple - altijd/ nooit/ regelmatig
                                volgens schema: 
                                (School starts 8.30)

to be going to + verb : gepland/ zeker - I'm going to the film 
                                 idee was er al voor gesprek
                                 voorspelling gebaseerd op aanwijzing 
                                 (It's really cloudy, it's going to rain soon)

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present continuous = als iets nu bezig is, aan de gang is
                                           = to be + ww+ing
                                           = om wie gaat het, dus welke vorm to be
                                           = I am working 

al eerder geleerd: 
present continuous 
                             = als iets nu bezig is, nu aan de gang
                             = to be + ww+ing
                             = juiste vorm van to be (am / is / are)
  I am working. 
  He is working.
  We are working.

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future: nu krijgen deze tenses een extra functie, nl toekomst

present continuous:
als iets nu aan de gang is
                                       geplande dingen die vrijwel zeker doorgaan                                             We're having a test tomorrow


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will/ shall + verb:

* spontaan aanbod / belofte/ verzoek/ voorstel
- Wait, I will help you.
- We'll do that tomorrow mum.
- Shall I cook tonight? (uitzondering: vragend met I/ we dan shall)

* voorspelling op basis van mening
- You'll get ill if you don't wear your jacket.

* onzekerheid over toekomst - I think/ probably/ maybe etc
I think she will become a famous singer, she's so good!

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homework:  assignment 1 languages
- draw a map of South Africa 
- find all the 11 official languages spoken in South Africa
- point out in different colours where these languages are spoken, so in which part of South Africa
- choose at least 5 languages and give additional information about that language, special things about it, how many people speak this language, anyting else you can find out; maybe you can add link to video?

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add your language map of South Africa

Slide 11 - Open vraag

homework: assignment 2 - VIP Xhosa

choose one of these famous Xhosa people: 
Nelson Mandela / Trevor Noah / Miriam Makeba / Andile Ernest Jali. Explain:
- who he/ she is, where from, other details (persoonlijke gegevens)
- why you've chosen this person
- what he/she is known for, why important
- create at least 5 interview questions to ask
- if you could be him/her for one day, what would you do?
- min 1 A4 and max 2 pages, add a small picture
** in word met je naam erop en emailen of als google.doc

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Are you sure?? Homework done??

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