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The title
In this book you’ll find many references to Tupac, because Angie Thomas was inspired by Tupac, his lyrics and his way of life. 

The title of the book is the first reference to Tupac: The Hate U Give, or in short, THUG. 

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What do you know about the black panthers?

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He wasn't afraid of responsibility
He wrote about a young woman that was pregnant
He sang about his money problems

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According to this video, what led to Tupac's death?
He committed suicide
He wife wanted to get rid of him
He had a fight with west coast rappers

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What do you already know about the Black Lives Matter movement?

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Slide 8 - Video

Why was the slogan in the news for days (and gained worldwide recognition)?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

Why did the university of Missouri come under fire, and how did the BLM respond?

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Now let's watch the trailer of the movie

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What is your impression of Starr and her father from watching the trailer?

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Homework for 12 February 
(We will continue reading on Wednesday)
Read chapter 1 - 3, answer the questions
in your booklet. We'll discuss them on
12 February

If you forgot to bring it to class today, you can read here it on teams!

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Why does Starr feel out of place?
For example: She feels like she doesn't belong, she wears different clothes, behaves differently, doesn't know anyone except for Kenya

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Who is Kenya?
She is a gangster's daughter, she's bossy, pretty, fights with everyone, is spoiled, never wears the outfit twice... Starr and Kenya share a brother/they are friends

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Analogy garden of Eden
Eve was naked and ashamed after she ate the apple. Starr feels ashamed because she doesn't fit in. After Kenya leaves, she is on her own

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When Kalil is busy he means
- he does criminal activities
- deals drugs
- buys expensive things

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Nice, old friend of Starr, they love each other, his mom was sick, is a drug addict, he is a gang member

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King lord
Gang member, Kenya's dad. Starr's dad is a gang member. How do you think this will play a role in the plot: own opinion

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End of chapter 1
They need to stop, because a police car is behind them. It's a cliffhanger!

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Title explanation
Thug life: the hate u give little infants fucks everybody - what society gives us as youth, will bite us in the ass when we wild out (says Khalil)

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1. Keep your hands visible
2. Don't make any sudden moves
3. Only speak when they speak to you

A lot of black people feel that police treats them differently than white people

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What rule does Khalil break?
He doesn't do what the cop wants. It isn't exactly a rule, but a smart thing to do!

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What happened when Khalil was pulled over?
Khalil moves, doesn't do what the cop tells him to do and gets killed!

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What does officer 1-15 do after he killed Khalil?
He yells at star, he's afraid she has a gun/will do something stupid

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Chapter 3 questions
1. Khalil's body is left on the street "like it's an exhibit".

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2. Starr is afraid, she is afraid to speak out. She doesn't want people to know that she was in Khalil's presence when he died

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Uncle Carlos lives in the suburbs, in a safe neighborhood, without gangs

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Malcolm X
Eigen antwoord: meer info volgt

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Slide 31 - Video

Slide 32 - Video

What do these organisations/people tell you about the characters in THUG? What did you learn?

Slide 33 - Open vraag

Listen to the following song. Answer the follwing question: why did the Fresh Prince move to Bel Air? 

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Slide 35 - Video

Why did he move to Bell Air?

Slide 36 - Open vraag

Huey Newton is one of the founders of the black Panther movement - Starr's dad is one of its followers

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8. Starr was rekindling her friendship when the incident happened. Used to is past tense, she feels they were still friends

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9. He is white, her dad doesn't like white people 

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10. Mr Rueben has a restaurant, knows everyone, sort of neighborhood uncle

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King wants to give Starr money, Maverick doesn't want King to be involved with his daughter. Maverick went to jail for king (3 years).

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