General Music: Dynamic Days

How Musical Notes Tell a Story
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How Musical Notes Tell a Story

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Learning Objective 
Today in General Music, we will learn:
  • what dynamics are in music.
  • the different types of musical dynamics.
  • what dynamics sound like to a musical listener.

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Soft Sounds
pianissimo/pp: very soft
piano/p: soft
mezzo piano: medium soft

*It is also important to remember that the word "soft" means quiet in music.*

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Loud Sounds
mezzo forte/mf: medium loud
forte/f: loud
fortissimo/ff: very loud

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What are some examples of "piano" sounds? (whispering, sneaking up on someone)

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What are some examples of "forte" sounds. (yelling, shouting)

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Crescendos and Decrescendos

Crescendo: a gradual increase in volume (softer to louder)

Decrescendo: a gradual decrease in volume (louder to softer)

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Speaking Dynamics Practice
  • "Shhh... The baby is sleeping."
  •  "Hello, today I will be teaching you about the Amazon Rainforest."
  • "Hey! Can you hear me from way over there?!"
  • "Thanks for getting dinner with me. It was nice."
  • "Ah! There is a mouse in the kitchen!!"

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What Dynamics are in Your Favorite Song?
  1. Send me a video of your favorite song.
  2. With your song, send me an explanation of what musical dynamic best represents your song and why.
  3. Do one thing that brings you joy before coming to class.

Here is my email to send your responses to!

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Five Finger Takeaway
  1. Dynamics are the levels of volume music can be performed at.
  2.  pp ---> p ---> mp ---> mf ---> f ---> ff
  3.  A crescendo causes music to grow from softer to louder.
  4. A decrescendo causes music go from louder to softer. 
  5. We use dynamics every single day in our daily tasks!

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What are some ending questions you have about dynamics?

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That is all! Have a wonderful day!

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