Week 15: Grammar & selfworkhour

Week 14
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Week 14

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Grammar and selfworkhour
Grammar and selfworkhour
Recap grammar 
Test theme 4 & Harry Potter
W18 & 19 
May holiday

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What is something you tend to procrastinate? 

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Let's check your homework!

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Grammar: condintionals
Grab a notebook, please. 

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If & when 
If -> Something could possibly happen (but is unsure) 
If I win the lottery I will buy a car. 

When -> Something is definitely going to happen 
When I get home I am going to take a nap. 

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You use conditionals to describe facts, likely situations, and unlikely situations. 
There is always an if-clause and a main clause. 
The if-clause describes a condition. The main clause states the result of that condition.

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If I win the lottery , I will buy a new car

When I get married , I plan to change my name 
if clause
main clause
if clause
main clause

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Zero conditional 
The result is a fact 
Both clauses get the present simple tense

If the light turns green, the oven is done pre-heating. 
Plastic melts, when you apply heat. 

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First conditional 
If the result is a prediction or something that is probably going to happen, you use will + infinitive in the main clause. You still use the present simple in the if-clause.

When I get home, I will take a nap. 
If I ever go back to Switzerland, I will not go camping. 

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Second conditional
If the result is made up or not real (yet), you use would + infinitive in the main clause. This time you use the past simple in the if-clause. This is called the second conditional.

If he asked, I would say yes. 
If we lost our plane, we would arrive late. 

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When to use
Present simple
Present simple -> if clause

Will + verb -> main clause
Past simple -> if clause

Would + infinitive -> main clause 
Made up / not real

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Options for selfwork
Option 1: Finish and show 2 finished grammar worksheets. 
Option 2: Choose 20 words from the LC and make a new sentence
Option 3: Make your own practice test with 5 exercises (you may do this one in pairs) 
Option 4: Translate a newswise text

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