State of matter 2

RECAP 1: What are the states or matter?
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RECAP 1: What are the states or matter?

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RECAP 2: How are the arrangement of particles for each matter?

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Change of state
Materials changes state all the time around us
The state of substance depends on the environment that surrounds and affect it

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how matter change it's state?

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Name a few examples where changes of state of matter occur

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Can you name a few process that cause change of state to happen

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Melting and boiling point
Melting point is the temperature at which solid changes state to become liquid
Boiling point is temperature at which it changes state from liquid to gas

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Melting point is the same as freezing point

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Can you see why?

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Liquids can change to gases below their boiling point
During evaporation, liquid absorbs energy from the surrounding which cool down
Think about the feeling of alcohol on your skin
Do you feel cooler after you sweating during exercise?

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Water evaporate becomes liquid causing high humidity in the air
Low humidity causes dry skin and breathing problems

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Water vapour condense to form liquid, usually in form of droplets
When is the last time you encounter the event of condensation?
Condensation may causes mould on clothes and rotting of wood

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Substance sometimes skip a phase when change of phase happens
Example: gas to solid or solid to gas
Have you seem the process of sublimation?

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What happen to the particles during change of state?

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Let's test your understanding!

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