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In the poem The Road Not Taken what does the road symbolise?

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What does the yellow wood symbolises?

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"My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun"
What is this an example of?

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What is this an example of?: “A sight so touching in its majesty”

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Give a foreshadowing from one of the short stories you have read.

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It's Kind of a Funny Story
Last time we discussed part 1 & 2

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Part 2
-Craig got to a prestigious school for which he studied hard 
-Lost many friends but gained Aaron as a friend
-Aaron smokes a lot of pot
-Craig believes that his life went downhill after Aaron's party
-Overwhelmed by the difficulty of the work
-He experiences difficulty eating and thoughts of death, and hears a voice that refers to him as "soldier" speaking in his head.

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Part 2
 -After learning of Craig's symptoms, Dr. Barney recommends that Craig see a new psychologist and prescribes Zoloft, a medication that he says can help Craig's depression.
-At first the medication changes his way of thinking he becomes more social. 
-Nia is also on medication
-When the medication runs out Craig decides to stop. 

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Part 3: Badoom
-Craig thinks about killing himself even though he knows it will hurt his family.
-calls Nia to ask if he had a chance to be her boyfriend
-Thinks he will kill himself by jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge.
- How to Survive the Loss of a Love (Book) -->how to prevent self-harm and Craig calls a suicide hotline

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Part 3: Badoom
-first line not what he wants-->calls a second line 
-Speaks to Maritsa who advises him to go to an emergency room immediately. 
-Craig goes to Argenon hospital without his family knowing.

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Part 4: Hospital
-Craig visits the Argenon emergency room. 
-Tells them he stopped taking his medication and experiences suicidal thoughts. 
- Put under the watch of a police officer
- Craig calls his mother. She encourages him.
-The doctor and his mother agree that Craig should stay in the hospital, due to the renovations in the teenagers wing. Craig needs to stay in the adult wing.

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Part 4: Hospital
-Meets Smitty, who turns out to be one of the staff members in charge of the adult psychiatric area.
-Craig now feels like he left his old life behind and is now in a psychiatric ward. 

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Part 5: Six North, Saturday
-Craig has just entered the adult psychiatric facility at Argenon hospital.
-Craig is examined and he learns that he will stay a minimum of 5 days.
-He meets Bobby (a fellow patient) who takes him on a tour of the facilities 

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Part 5: Six North, Saturday
- Craig notices that all the patients look very different from one and other. 
-Craig learns that Muqtada (his roommate) is originally from Egypt.
-Mealtime, meets Armelia (The President,  busy and authoritative attitude)

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Part 5: Six North, Saturday
  • Craig eats a lot.
  • He listens to the fellow patients.
  • Later on Saturday, Craig is visited by his entire family.
  •  Craig has anxious thoughts of the outside world.
  • Craig missed phone calls from Nia and Aaron and his science teacher. He calls Nia back. 

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Part 5: Six North, Saturday
  • Craig proceeds to talk with his psychologist  Dr. Mahmoud.
  • The doctor explains that Craig's stay in the hospital should be approached as a necessity, as a means of managing and stabilizing the rest of Craig's life
  • Craig receives a note from Noelle who wants to meet him

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Part 5: Six North, Saturday
  • At night, Craig gets a call from Aaron, who has discovered (from Nia) that Craig is in a psychiatric hospital.
  • Tensions escalate when Aaron takes a lighthearted attitude towards Craig's problems, and escalate even more when
  • Craig reveals that Nia is on medication herself. 
  • Craig angrily hangs up. 
  • Craig's feelings of depression and anxiety are very high , and he needs medication to sleep. 

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