Session 5

Element 2 - Supporting Education 
T - Level in Education & Early Years 
Session 5 
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Element 2 - Supporting Education 
T - Level in Education & Early Years 
Session 5 

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Learning Objectives 
All learners will be able to:
  1.  Recall independent learning task and engage in a pair & share activity.
  2. Recap Piaget's cognitive development theory. 
  3. Explain Piaget's schematic development (schema's).

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Summarise object permanence in your own words.

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Starter Activity (connect)
As a table work together and share your research on Chris Athey's Schema's. 

Everyone will be provided a different coloured pen. 
Try not to duplicate your answers. 
Did you find a connection between Chris Athey & Jean Piaget?

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In accordance to Piaget's cognitive development theory in what stage does conservation occur?
Sensorimotor stage (0-2yrs)
Pre operational stage (2 - 7 yrs)
Concrete Operational (7 - 11 yrs)
Formal operational (11 - 15 yrs)

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Why is Piaget's theory relevant?
Piaget refined his theory to focus on how children construct knowledge about the environment around them.It is concerned with children, rather than all learners.

The goal of the theory is to explain the mechanisms and processes by which the infant, and then the child, develops into an individual who can reason and think.

To Piaget, cognitive development was about the development of mental processes.

Creating active learners who are developing in accordance to the type of experiences they are having.

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Piaget's Schematic Development
Piaget came to the conclusion that all children will resemble some patterns in their behaviour and the way they 'think' & 'understand'. 

This helps them come to a reasoned conclusion about the world around them. 
For example: A child may develop a schema that all trousers are blue, simply because their trousers are blue. 

While schemas are a constant feature of each stage of cognitive development, they change in content and sophistication, just as the stages do.

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Piaget's Moral Development

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Summarise the term cognitive constructivism.

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Good Luck 

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