Word Lesson 5

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Slide 1: Tekstslide
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In deze les zitten 14 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Slide 1 - Tekstslide

  • Quiz
  • Shapes and WordArt
  • Tables (columns and rows)
  • Table of contents
  • Index
  • Find and replace

Slide 2 - Tekstslide

What can you do with the red circled corner format handle?
Adjust the height of the image.
Adjust the width of the image.
Adjust the height and width of the image at the same time.

Slide 3 - Quizvraag

It is most useful here if you adjust the images with the corner resize handle.

Slide 4 - Quizvraag

What can you do with the button to the right of the image?
Adjust the color of the image.
Adjust how the text will appear around the image.
Add an image border.

Slide 5 - Quizvraag

  • Open a new document in Word
  • Click on insert and shapes.

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

Slide 7 - Tekstslide

Insert a table

Slide 8 - Tekstslide

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Table of contents
go to teams and open galaxy.docx

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

  • Insert a table of contents in galaxy.docx
  • change the style for the milky way to heading 2
  • have the sun start on a new page
  • delete mercury section
  • update the table of contents

Slide 11 - Tekstslide

go to teams and open whales.docx

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

  • words in CAPITAL letters get Heading 1.
  • words in italics get Heading 2.
  • Underlined words get Heading 3.
  • insert on page 2 a table of contents
  • insert an index on the last page
  • mark words "mud"  and "lung capacity" on page 3
  • update index

Slide 13 - Tekstslide

open secretcode

Slide 14 - Tekstslide