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Project Be a London tourguide! Lesson 3
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Project Be a London tourguide! Lesson 3

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Technical ideas & inspiration

(extra technical videos and inspiration on teams)

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How technical does it get?
You choose! Options: film your laptop screen and voice with telephone, film a meeting with a classmate in teams with shared screen, use screencastify or make it even more technical. No preblem. I care about the walk, the facts you use and your speaking. 
I made 2 videos with ideas, technical options and options in using extra's and your walk.

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2 videos
You saw 2 videos with options, like going from maps to street view, using videos, using photo's, virtually taking the tube etc. 

Help on the technical stuff: youtube videos! Some are in teams. Also some more inspiration videos on teams.

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What are the advantages of using your phone as a filming camera?

Slide 8 - Open vraag

What are the disadvantages of using your phone as a filming camera?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

What do you think you will use for the final assignment?
phone to film laptop screeen
filming via teams and share screen option
using screencastify
I know a better way to do this
I'm going to look at a better way to do this

Slide 10 - Poll

If you know better ways to film your virtual walk with extra photo's etc and your voice, please note them here:

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Now, try some things wich we talked about.

Homework: get familiar with how to make a video.

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