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Class H4C

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Writing skills
 informal letter writing

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of a good informal letter

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Although some people talk without ever stopping, a comma is generally used wherever you would normally take a breath. In other words, in longer sentences there should always be a comma. A question needs a question mark (?) and when you make something specific you use a colon (:). We arrived at our destination: London Paddington station. 

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Spelling is extremely important in a letter/email. Other people will get a bad impression of you when your writing is full of errors. So use a spelling control (UK) when you write on a pc or a dictionary when you write on paper. Likewise, grammar mistakes will distract the receiver from enjoying your letter. There are many pitfalls that will be dealt with in this course.  

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Your language should match the person you are writing to. 
You use a different style when you write to a close friend from when you write to an uncle you have not seen in years. 
Always remember who you are writing to and adapt your style accordingly. 

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 Let's have a look at email 6!
MagisterMe > Brievenboekje Informal Writing

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Which book are you
reading right now?
Read for 20 mins.

Slide 9 - Woordweb

Let's check email 2!
This was homework.

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Your own style
There are a lot of standard phrases you can use, but don’t make your letter into a dull sequence of these kind of sentences. You need to develop your own style, with (possibly) the help of standard phrases. Likewise, you can use sentence connectors (signaalwoorden). Using them will make your letter more cohesive. 

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Which 'connectors' (signaalwoorden) do you know?

Slide 12 - Open vraag

Write two sentences with a connector. Can you use them in your next email?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Homework for next week:
- Bring Stepping Stones 
- Write email 3!

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Magister -> ELO -> Digitale leermiddelen -> English Essentials -> Aan de slag (kies 4 opdr)

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