afronding 5.3 + rehearsing balance sheet + profit and loss account

Good morning!
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Good morning!

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1. Prepare for test - balance sheet and assignment

2. Prepare for test - profit and loss account

3. Finalization 5.3 + check homework

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no class next week

The week after final class to prepare for the test (3 april)

On 4 april (tuesday) test during mentor uur

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Test will be about chapter 4 
- complete the mutations (changes) on a balance sheet and understand what is shown on a a balance sheet
- understand what is shown on the profit and loss account 
- make calculations with the turnover, purchase prices, 

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The test is about chapter 4. You need to understand the theory of the balance sheet and the profit and loss account. Making the changes for the balance sheet and being able to complete a profit and loss account are the most important topics.

Check the learning objectives on page 137 and use the section "practising for the test" on page 137 till 142 as well to prepare for the test. 

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Short explanation balance sheet + profit and loss account (slides)

Assignment to complete a balance sheet

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Influencing ( potential ) customers to buy your product

Explain what is meant with the below P's:

Marketing mix: - Product
                                - Price
                                - Place
                                - Promotion
                                - People

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material characteristics <---------> non material characteristics

                                             Image of a product
                                       A brand <--------> B brand
               manufacturer brand <-------> house brand

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Psychological prices


Increasing prices <------------> decreasing prices

Price discrimination --> different groups pay different prices

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                    direct distribution <----> indirect distribution

                                city centre <----------> near motorways

internet, e commerce --> strong increase

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Target group --> which people do you focus on with your product?

mass communication <--------> personal communication

product advertising (qualities of a product) <--------> brand advertising (promoting your brand)

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Attracting the right people and finding the right staff


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Check assignments 1 t/m 11 of section 5.3

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