Chapter 4 paragraph 2: High-tech industry in England

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At the end of this class
you can explain which location factors are important for modern high-tech companies

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Name two of the main location factors for Manchester as Cottoncity.

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High-tech company

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High-tech company
A company that uses a lot of knowledge and capital

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High-tech companies
  • Multinationals
  • Invest in research and development
  • Products are most of the time 'weightless' --> footloose companies
  • Research and development in developed countries, assembly in low-wage economies. 

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Although footloose, companies are locates close together. Why?

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Location factors M4 and M11
  • Many partnerships between the economic world and industry. Exchange knowledge and ideas between campanies and universities. (economies of agglomeration)
  • Accessibility: good infrastructure on the M4 and M11
  • Goverment encourages high-tech companies by setting up sciences parks and offering cheap land for business premises.
  • People like to work there: beautiful landscape, close to the centre of London and Oxford. 

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To work
  • Work for this week
  • Read paragraph 2
  • Make assignments 1-11

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