G: Reading | How social media changed teen life forever

Chapter 5
Media minds
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Chapter 5
Media minds

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How social media changed teen life forever
A2 I can understand the main point of short, informative texts.

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You’re going to read a text about social media. First, have a look at the means of communication below. Where on the timeline do you think each of them belong?

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Read the text on p. 82-83

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What's the function of the first paragraph?
To entertain the reader with funny anecdotes.
To give a summary of the upcoming topics of the text.
To introduce the subject with opinions and facts.

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Have a look at the first sentence of paragraph 2 (Changing relationships). Would you consider this the key phrase of the second paragraph? Why (not)?

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Who explains what ‘lost in translation’ (paragraph 2) means?
Elly Cooper
Sienna Schulte
An unnamed spokesperson from the Pew Research Center.
This phrase is not explained in the text.

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Have another look at this sentence from paragraph 2: ‘Though there may be a greater risk for disconnect in teen relationships over social media, some argue that bonds are more easily started and accessible through the online platforms.’ What’s the function of this key phrase?
To comment on Elly Cooper's opinion as described above.
To comment on Beth Kaplan's statement that is to follow.
To give an example of the possible dangers of social media.
To summarise the first part of the paragraph and introduce the new one.

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The key phrase of paragraph 3 (Wanting to be `liked’) gives a very brief summary of the entire article. Write down the first two and last two words of this key phrase.

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Pick three words and write three complete sentences in which you use the words.

adolescent – damage – device – miserable – opportunity – self-esteem

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Have a look at the timelines from exercise 42 as well as the paragraph History of social media in the text. Then consider the following: Professor Booth states: ‘And in 60 years, when a new form of communication technology comes out, people who are teens today may look at each other and think about how much better it was when people were texting and sending emojis back in the day.’ What do you think this ‘new form’ may look like? Or do you think perhaps we will take a break from social media as we know it? Write a short text in which you describe how you think our means of communication will change and what they will look like 60 years from now. 

Write approximately 75 words.
Writing task

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