Kijk- en Luistervaardigheden
extensief luisteren/kijken strategie
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Kijk- en Luistervaardigheden
extensief luisteren/kijken strategie

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Waarom luistervaardigheid?

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What makes listening difficult in any language?
Think about it, share this with your partner, give your answers (on whiteboard).

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Communication / Fluency

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This lesson you're going to find out what helps you understand speech. What are people talking about? What helps you understand it?

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Listening strategies

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Global listening, main topic
Focus questions
MALQ metacognition awareness listening questionnaire
Listening strategies

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Wat maak je op  uit de context (serienaam, titel)?

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Freak Eaters

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Aspiring politician is addicted to carbs!

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  1. What does Helen eat mostly?
  2. What are her alternative foods?
  3. Has she ever eaten anything else?
  4. What happens if she's offered other food?
  5. What especially makes her emotional about other foods?
  6. Why doesn't she try other food?
  7. Is it a problem for her now?

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7. Is it a problem for her now?
8. Why is it important to her to change her diet?
9. Does she believe she can change her habits?
10. How do other people react to her odd eating habits?
11. Do you think she has succeeded to change her diet?

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option: undertitles

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Name 2 strategies you've used this class: write it down and hand in to get your exit ticket

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