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Read the texts and answer the questions

Answer the questions in complete sentences (volle zinnen).

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What is the Argentines' favourite main course?

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What do people in Argentina eat for breakfast?

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What food is very important to Germans?

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What is often combined with meat dishes?

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What are Italians known for using in their cooking?

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How many types of cheese are made in Italy?

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Food in France
The main dish in North West France is thin pancakes. Eastern France likes cabbage with pieces of sausage. At the coast people eat seafood: mussels, shrimps and squid. French people also like to eat long thin loaves of crusty bread with melted cheese and ham. 

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What do people who live at the coast in France like to eat?

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What do French people also like to eat?

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Food in India
Indians in the North eat flat breads and Indians in the South prefer rice. In the coastal part of India people eat fish. Chicken and mutton are eaten more in the mountains and in the plains. Many Indians are vegetarians and do not eat meat.  Indians use a lot of spices in their food: chili peppers, garlic, ginger, black pepper, cardamom. Spicy dishes cool you in hot weather and warm the body in cold weather.

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What are eaten more in the mountains and in the plains?

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What do spicy dishes do in different weather?

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Write 6 sentences about food in the Netherlands.
Use full sentences (volle zinnen).

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