Thursday Bossy R (ER,IR,UR) & Adjectives (shape&size)

Phonics: R-Controlled Vowels
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English1st,2nd Grade

In deze les zitten 25 slides, met tekstslides en 3 videos.

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Phonics: R-Controlled Vowels

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Please watch the two music video clips are the next two slides to review what you know about Bossy R.

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Next, click on the link on the next slide to review your spelling words this week.  Click each word and spell the word along with the recording.    Then listen to the sentence using the word and try to make your own sentence up!

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To play spelling games using r-controlled vowels er, ir, and ur click the link on the following slide.

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Slide 9 - Link

shape and size

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This week we learned how to use shapes and sizes as adjectives.

Here are a few examples adjectives for shape and size.

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Directions: Look at the pictures and
try and come up with adjectives for shape and size to describe the nouns on the following slides. Then check your answers.

* It is ok if you did not choose the same adjectives to describe the nouns shape and size.  Your answers may vary.

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