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  1. Lesson aims
  2. Grammar
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In deze les zitten 15 slides, met interactieve quiz en tekstslides.

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  1. Lesson aims
  2. Grammar
  3. Off to work!
  4. Kahoot!

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By the end of this lesson you will know: 
- when to use some/any
- when to use much/many/a lot of
- when to use little/few

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Used in affirmative sentences:
There was some cake left when she came home.


When you expect the answer to your question to be positive:
Do you have some coffee?

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Used in negative sentences and questions:
There wasn't  any  cake left when I came home.
Was there any cake left when you came home?

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Much/Many/A lot of
Dutch variant is 'veel'
Vorm: Much/Many/A lot of + Zelfstandig nw.

Veel wijn                                         Much wine
Veel leerlingen                               Many pupils
Veel mensen                                         A lot of people

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Gebruik "Many/Much" bij
ontkennende en vragende zinnen.
O: I haven't got much time.
V: How much money do you need?

O: I don't have many friends.
v: How many copies do you need?
Gebruik  "A lot of" of "lots of" bij
bevestigende zinnen

B: She's got a lot of work to do.

B: He's got lots of work to do.

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Many bij "telbare" woorden.
Many + meervoud.
Many money
Many years
Many reasons
Many hairs
Many winebottles
Much bij "ontelbare woorden".
Much + enkelvoud.
Much dogs
Much money
much time
much hair
much wine

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Think of words which are
countable (telbaar). Put many in front of it.
(examples; many apples, many bottles)

Slide 10 - Open vraag

A few/A little
Dutch variant is 'een paar' & 'een beetje'
Vorm: a little/a few + Zelfstandig nw.

Een beetje wijn                                   A little wine
Een paar leerlingen                               A few pupils

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Dutch variant is 'weinig'
Vorm: little/few + Zelfstandig nw.

Weinig wijn                                          Little wine
Weinig leerlingen                                Few pupils

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Few bij "telbare" woorden.
Few + meervoud.
few money
Few years
Few reasons
Few hairs
Few winebottles
Little bij "ontelbare woorden".
Little + enkelvoud.
little years
Little money
Little time
Little hair
Little wine

Slide 13 - Tekstslide

Kun je het tellen?
Many (veel)
Few (weinig)
Kun je het niet tellen?
Much (veel)
Little (weinig)

Slide 14 - Tekstslide

WHAT? Make paragraph 6.2 

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