International Theme 3 - Environmental Changes

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What do the pictures in the previous slide represent? Post your answers!

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Key concepts
Climate change - hotter summers, colder winters
Carbon dioxide emissions – from cars, for example
Fossil fuels - Coal, oil, water, gas, etc.
Greenhouse gases – burning of fossil fuels
Charge/recharge – mobile phones, electric cars

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This is bad for the environment.


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This is bad for the environment.


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This is bad for the environment.


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This is bad for the environment.


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What is a carbon footprint?

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What does the word carbon mean?
Co2 caused by car emissions
Harmful gasses produced by burning fossil fuels
All the water we use that is harmful for nature
The greenhouse effect caused by burned gasses

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What is a water footprint?

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How much water is used to produce a steak (=biefstukje)?
39 bathtubs filled with water
10 houses filled with water
20 swimming pools filled with water
14 Fanta bottles filled with water

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A person uses 119 liters of water per day. What do you think this water is used for?

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 Carbon and Water Footprints
1. You are going to work in pairs. Choose Student A and Student B.

2. Open the worksheet (Ecological Footprint) in ItsLearning Planner

3. Each read one of the texts (A -carbon and B - water).
     Answer the questions  for your text

3. Explain your text to your partner using the answers you found.

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Carbon Footprint?

Slide 17 - Woordweb

Water Footprint?

Slide 18 - Woordweb

Carbon Footprint
Water Footprint

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Next time........
we'll think about what YOU can do to reduce your carbon and water footprints!

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