Past simple & questions in the past simple IREP

Past simple
  • I can make a sentence using the past simple.
  • I can make questions using the past simple.
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Past simple
  • I can make a sentence using the past simple.
  • I can make questions using the past simple.

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Let's see how well you know this already

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I ___ (visit) lots of interesting places.

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But we ___ (see) some beautiful rainbows.

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In the evenings we ___ (go)
to pubs.

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___ (is) it fun?

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Let's look at the rules and uses

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How do we form the past simple?
  • Regular verbs: add -ed to the end of the verb.
Example: He walked to the shop.

  • Irregular verbs: Set list of verbs that change in a unique way.
Example: He saw a dog yesterday.
Example: She took the book with him.
Example: We ate at a restaurant.

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When do we use the past simple?
  • Something that happened once in the past.
I met my wife in 1983.

  • Something that happened several times in the past.
When I was a boy, I walked a mile to school every day.

  • Something that was true for some time in the past.
I lived abroad for ten years.

  • we often use expressions with ago with the past simple.
I met my wife a long time ago.

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Let's try again.

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John Cabot ___ (sail) to America in 1498.

Slide 11 - Open vraag

We ___ (cross) the Channel yesterday.

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We ___ (see) a zebra yesterday!

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We ___ (do) our homework last night.

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I ___ (be) in Japan last year

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I ___ (walk) around the city centre.

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Do you know how to make questions in the past simple?

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___ (I/see) you last week?

Slide 18 - Open vraag

___ (I/lock) the door?

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Where ___ (you/go) to school?

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Who ___ (they/talk) to earlier?

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Question in the past simple

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How do you make a question in the past simple?
  •  For yes or no questions we put did in front of the subject, followed by the infinitive.
Example: Did you play?

  • For 'wh' questions, you do the same as above, and add the 'wh' word at the beginning.
Example: Where did I go?

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Let's try again.

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___ (the film/start) on time?

Slide 25 - Open vraag

___ (he/play) sport as a child?

Slide 26 - Open vraag

___ (it/snow) last winter?

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For the following questions
You have to use a 'WH' word in your answer. Think carefully if the sentences is about time, reason, or location.

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___('wh word'/you/start) your job?

Slide 29 - Open vraag

___ ('wh word'/she/get) angry?

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___ ('wh word'/you/go) to school?

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You've reached the end.

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