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The graticule
This is a very accurate way of pinpointing an exact location of a place. 

But how does it work? 

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We have the equator at 0 degrees latitude. The equator divides the earth in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. 

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At the North and South pole we've reached the maximum amount of degrees, that is 90. 

Keep in mind that the degrees aren't the temperature, but the distance from the equator.

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Meridians of longitude run from the North pole to the South pole and run in a 360 degree circle. 
These meridians of longitude tell us wether we are on the western part of the world or the eastern part. 

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Prime meridian
This prime meridian runs through Greenwich and splits the Earth in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. 
The longitude lines go from 1 degrees west longitude until 180 degrees (half of the earth)

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The graticule
While using the latitude and longitude lines we can pinpoint the precise location of a certain place on the Earth. 

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Weather & Climate

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Go to page 237 in the Atlas
Find the city Quito in Ecuador (South-America)
It's on a parallel
It's on a meridian

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Find now the city of Adelaide
(in the south of Australia)
This city is close to the 140° parallel
This city is close to the 140° meridian.

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Locating a city - coordinates
Write in your notebook:
Step 1: find the city in the atlas.
Step 2: is the city in the Northern (N.) or Southern (S.) hemisphere?
Step 3: find out on which distance (in degrees / °) from the Equator
                (left/right of the map) - For example 45° N.
Step 4: decide if the city is in the Western (W.) or Eastern (E.) hemisphere,                         
                that means: is the city to the West from London or to the East.
Step 5: find out how far from the prime meridian (top/bottom of the map)                   
                For example 140° E.

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Now find the city of
Kaapstad (South-Afrika).
What is the correct notation?
35° N., 18° W.
35° W., 18° N.
35° S., 18° E.
35° E., 18° S.

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Work in pairs
Make exercise 1-4

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