Direct vs Indirect Characterization

Direct vs. Indirect Charcterization
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Direct vs. Indirect Charcterization

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Prior Knowledge:
What is the difference between direct and indirect characterization?

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A story needs...
the development of the characters, which is known as characterization.  This is a process through which the author brings forth the nature, personality, and physical appearance of the characters for the readers' best understanding of them.

This is done in TWO ways:
direct characterization and indirect

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Direct characterization
This is when the author directly and straight up tells the reader about the character's actual physical and mental traits.
The reader is TOLD

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Turn and Talk
Read the following passage.  Which words directly show you Amaya's qualities?

When Amaya brought home a pet rabbit, her mother did not object.  She knew Amaya was a caring, responsible girl who would take excellent care of the animal.

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Which words give you information about Dr. Chang's character?
Dr. Chang was the best dentist in the practice. He had a charming smile, a gentle manner, and a warm personality. He made a trip to the dentist a pleasant experience--despite the discomfort.

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Indirect Characterization
This is when the author indirectly provides the reader with information about the character, encouraging the reader to use their imagination.
The reader is SHOWN

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Jim was an honest, truthful man.  He never cheated anybody in his entire life.


Jim was very unlike any other businessman.  He made sure that all his clients got what they paid for.

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S:  what the character says
T:  what the character thinks
E:  what effect the character has on others.
A:  how the character actsL:  what the character looks like
L:  what character looks like

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What do Karisti's actions imply about her character?
It was a cold October day when Karisti's alarm buzzed at 6am. She pulled on her clothes and headed for the door. She carefully adjusted her headphones; then she pulled her sleeves of her turtleneck over her hands to keep the cold out. Here goes 10 miles, she thought as she began her run. I have to be ready for the spring marathon.

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direct characterization
indirect characterization
Jane was a beautiful young girl.  She had golden hair and blue eyes, which made her stand out from the rest.
When Jane walked in the room, nobody could help but look at her stunning, gorgeous face.  She commanded attention wherever she went due to her good looks.

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direct characterization
indirect characterization
An old couple living near John's house considered him just like their own son.  John did all that for them what even a son these days won't do.  He would shop for them, get them things and say hello everyday.
John cared a lot for the well being of others.  There was an old couple living alone near his house.  John used to buy weekly groceries for them and even check on them everyday, just to see how they are doing.

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Linda was a strong woman who lived her entire life on her own terms, without compromising and without ever being apologetic for anything.
You would not normally expect Linda to do what other women would do.  When she was 18, she ran away from home and got married to an older man.  The marriage did not last, but it did not kill her spirit.  She soon moved to the city and got herself a job as a dancer and opened the Evans theater.

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In a complete sentence, define direct characterization.

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In a complete sentence, define indirect characterization.

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