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What do you know about the history of the USA?
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What do you know about the history of the USA?

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American independence war
War between Britain and 13 colonies in North America
April 19, 1775 - September 3, 1783
Independence from the USA
Part of the American Revolution
Before the war, the US was a colony of Great Britain
On July 4, 1776, the United States Declaration of Independence was signed
From 1780 to 1783 it became an international war

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18th century
West Africa to America
Sugar plantation-Caribbean
Cotton plantation - Southern North America
Slavery was abolished in the north of the US around 1800, while 4 million slaves were still working in the south

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  • European explorers 1607-1763
  • England, France, Castile and the Dutch Republic
  • Indians around 2 million
  • Decrease rapidly
  • Violence and disease
  • Ports
  • Forests for food and wood

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What do you already know about the Witch Trials of Salem?

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Witch Trials of Salem
24 people 
Strange behavior with seizures
crawled under furniture 
onnatural body posture 
19 people were hung up 
1 torture by stones 
1695 it stops 
Is because they eat bread with mold

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First men on the moon

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Neil Armstrong
  • Born 1930,  Wapakoneta
  • Study, pilot
  • Navy
  • 1955, Korea
  • Test pilot

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Apollo 11
  • Neil Armstrong, USA
  • Buzz Adrin, USA
  • Michael Collins, USA
  • Ego, easy, commander
  • 16 Juli, 1969
  • 20 Juli, 1969

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Slide 10 - Video

First moon activities
Took photo
Put down equipment
Put down a flag
Collect Stones
How to move
soil investigation

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Real or fake? What do you think and why?

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American civil war

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Learning goals

At the end of the lesson, you will know the most important things about the American Civil War

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What do you know about the American civil war?

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Content (timeline)
- What is the American Civil War?
- December 1860- February 1861: 
Southern states are breaking away
- 12 Arpil 1861:                                           The beginning of the fightings 

Some important battles and generals
- 17 September 1862:                             The Battle of Antietam 
- 9 April 1865:                                             The end of the Amarican Civil War
- 14 April 1865:                                           The murder of Abraham Lincoln
- 18 December 1865:                               Abolition of slavery

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What is the American Civil War?
The American Civil War was a conflict in the United States between the Northern states (the Union) and the Confederate states (the confederation). This took four years from 1861 to 1865. In many states bloody battles and campaigns took place. The American Civil War had more American casualties than all other wars fought by the United States combined. This civil war is also well known to the Americans. It was the most gruesome war ever fought in the world.

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When was the American Civil War?
1776 - 1783
1810 - 1815
1861 - 1865
1880 - 1885

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What was the name of the Northern states?
The Union
The Confederation

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what was the name of the Southern states?
The Southern states
The Confederation
The Southers
The Confeders

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December 1860 - February 1861:
The Southern states break away

Abraham Lincoln's election as president of the US in 1860 sparked the American Civil War. Many states left the Union. President Lincoln wanted to abolish slavery. In the months following Lincoln's election victory, 7 Southern states had already left the US by February 1, 1861. They did not want slavery to be abolished. The Confederate states joined forces to form the Confederate States of America on February 4. They drafted their own constitution and elected their own president on February 9, Jefferson Davis.

In 1861, the American Civil War was inevitable.
On the backsight you can see the flag of the GSV (Confederated States of America) 1861-1863.

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What was the American Civil War (largely) about?
abolition of slavery
tax increases
the bad living conditions
The lack of rules

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Who Was the President of America in 1860?
Abraham Linol
Abaraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Loncoln

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On what date did the Confederate States arise?
4 February 1860
5 February 1860
5 February 1861
4 February 1861

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April 12, 1861: Beginning of the fightings

- Attack on Fort Sumter
- Southern area, South Carolina
- occupied by Northern states
- Jefferson David wanted cleared 
- Lincoln wanted to keep
- 12 April Confederates opened fire on the fort
-  Lincoln wanted to reclaim 
- 7 states
- Tennessee, Arkansas, North Carolina en Virginia Left the union
- Confederation 11 states with 9 million inhabitants and 3,5 million slaves.
- Union 23 states with 23 million inhabitants. 

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on what date did the American Civil War begin?
12 May 1861
12 April 1861
12 February 1861
12 April 1860

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Where was Fort Sumter?
North Carolina
South Carolina

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How began the American Civil war?
Attack on Fort Summer
Attack on Fort Carolina
Attack on Fort Souther
Attack on Fort Sumter

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Major battles 
Major battles were:
- The Battle of Bull Run (July 1861) More about this in a moment
- the Battle of Shiloh (April 1862)
- the Battle of Antietam (17 September 1862: the bloodiest war of the Civil War)
- the Battle of Perryville (October 1862)
- the Battle of Fredericksburg (December 1862)
- the infamous Battle of Gettysburg from July 1 to 3, 1863.
- In 1864, the Battle of the Wilderness (May),
- the Battle of Cold Harbor (June),
- the Battle of Atlanta (July-September)
- and the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee (November).
- The last battles of the Civil War were the Battle of Fort Fisher (January 1865)
    and the Battle of Palmito Ranch, Texas on May 12-13, 1865.

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Slide 31 - Video

9 April 1865: The end of the war
How do you think that the war will end? And who will win, North or South?

Slide 32 - Open vraag

Write a summary about the video. Write down the important things like what did you notice? What happened? 

After that some of you may read the summary in class.

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The real ending 
- Surrender of  Confederate general Robert E. Lee
- April 1865
- Battle of Appomattox Courthouse in Virginia 
- June
- South surrendered 
- Union won
- 618.000 killed
- 350.000 injured

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Slide 35 - Video

18 December 1865: 
abolition of slavery

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Discovery of America
  • nb1492  
  • Christopher Columbus.
  • The British, French, Spaniards and Dutch  
  • Worldwide exchange of crops, animals and diseases.  
  • Different route to India
  • Other European countries such as  establish colonies in America.
between the colonies increased and the struggle for terrain became inevitable. Settlers were regularly attacked by neighboring colonies from other countries. They also had to deal with the original inhabitants. However, colonization was disastrous for them. In the first 150 years after the arrival of Columbus, the Native American population decreased by 80%. This was largely due to illnesses that the colonists brought with them, such as smallpox, typhoid, flu, diphtheria, and measles. In total, 95% of the Native Americans succumbed to these diseases

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