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  1. Theme 5
  2. Theme 6, only vocab test, 29th of May
  3. Speaking assignment, 18th of May
  4. Reading test

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Speaking assignment
You pick a book
Choose one of the two options

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Pick a book!
You can use the website on the next slide.
You can also read a 'normal' English book.
You can choose your own book, you do have to let me know what book you picked. 
Make sure next lesson you have one.

This is a free audiobook.
You choose one from the teen section!

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Slide 5 - Link

Option 1
Create a review of your novel, which can be sound-recorded or filmed. Your review is 3-5 minutes long and discusses: summary of the novel (so characters and storyline), your opinion and good and bad parts. Also, add a part of the novel read out loud of 10-15 lines that are key to the story.

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Option 2
Become an audio book author: 
You record yourself reading a part of the book (about 2-3 pages). You start by telling the listener why you chose these pages and why they are important to the book.
You end it by telling the listener why they should read the book.

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Choose a book
Write down which book you've chosen in the Googledocs on the next slide.

Start reading.

Study Vocab A of Theme 6

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