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Lesson goals
  • Learn to express yourself in English with random topics.
  • Learn how to debate.
  • Learn how to collaborate with others, use critical thinking skills and create strategies to make a good argument. 

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What is a debate? 

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1.) The affirmative side (the pro team)  is the first to speak up. A response from the negative side (against team) then follows. 
2a.) Each member of the opposing sides should take their turns in speaking for 3 minutes.
2b.) Each speaker is given a maximum of three minute to speak. Once the time runs out, the speaker must close their speech or be halted by the host.
3.) Interruption on the speaker is strictly prohibited.
4.) The audience, who often act as judges, cannot participate in the debate.
5.) The voting from the audience is typically done with a show of hands. The majority wins.

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Topic 1
Reality television depicts real life accurately 

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Topic 2
Aliens are real

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Topic 3
Homeschooling is better than regular schooling.

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Round 1

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Round 2

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Round 3

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