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V5 - English
23 May 2022
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V5 - English
23 May 2022

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About the outline....
Your outline can only contain KEY WORDS.
Except for your thesis statement and 1 topic sentence per paragraph. 

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About your subject/thesis statement

- Make sure it is debatable and relevant: it should not just be a matter of taste.
- Make sure your 3 arguments are clear, concise and strong!
- Do not say 'I think': it weakens your statement. 

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Formal language
Argumentative essay = formal language!
Avoid words as 'wanna' and 'gonna'. Find suitable synonoms where necessary (for example: kids - children). 
Use a dictionary!!!

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Work really hard on refining your thesis statement and outline. Then write the introduction. 
Wednesday we'll start with the body paragraphs. 

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- Digital, on PC.
- You can use a dictionary during the test.
- You'll need to hand in an outline and the essay digitally.

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Give feedback on each other's statements + outlines.

  • Is the thesis statement debatable, does it pick a side and is it focused?
  • Also take a look at the outline: is there a clear essay structure? 
  • Are the arguments good?

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Writing an introduction
The main goals of an introduction are to:

  • Catch your reader’s attention.
  • Give background on your topic.
  • Present your thesis—the central point of your essay.

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How to write an introduction? 
Step 1: hook your reader 

  • Your first sentence sets the tone for the entire essay. 
  • Start with something clear, concise and catchy that will spark your reader’s curiosity.
  • Avoid overly broad claims or plain statements of fact.

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How to write an introduction? 

Weak hook: Braille was an extremely important invention.
Strong hook: The invention of Braille was a major turning point in the history of disability.

The second hook is stronger because it doesn't just state a dry fact, but it states why this topic is important. 

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How to write an introduction? 

Weak hook: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is a famous book from the nineteenth century.
Strong hook: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is often read as a crude cautionary tale about the dangers of scientific advancement.

Instead of just stating a fact that the reader already knows, the improved hook here tells us about the mainstream interpretation of the book, implying that this essay will offer a different interpretation.

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How to write an introduction?
Step 2: give background information

Give your reader the context they need to understand your topic and argument. This could include:
  • Historical, geographical, or social context
  • An outline of the debate you’re addressing
  • A summary of relevant theories or research about the topic
  • Definitions of key terms

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How to write an introduction?
Step 3: present your thesis statement

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Introduction checklist
  • My first sentence is engaging and relevant.
  • I have introduced the topic with necessary background information.
  • I have defined any important terms.
  • My thesis statement clearly presents my main point or argument.
  • Everything in the introduction is relevant to the main body of the essay.

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Give feedback on each other's introduction.
  • Is there a good and catchy hook at the start of the introduction?
  • Has the topic been introduced with the necessary background information?
  • Is everything in the introduction relevant?
  • Does the introduction end with the thesis statement?

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Topic sentence
Een topic sentence is de zin die de hoofdgedachte (onderwerp) van de alinea weerspiegeld. Door deze zin weet de lezer waar de alinea over zal gaan. De rest van de alinea gaat over dit onderwerp.

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thesis st. 

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Homework Wednesday:
Before the lesson on Wednesday, you must have revised:

Your thesis statement and the introductory
paragraph of your practice essay
Make sure you incorporate your classmate's feedback.

Bring it with you to class!

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