Topic 1.7 Saving and borrowing

Topic 1
Saving and borrowing
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Topic 1
Saving and borrowing

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  • Review topic 1
  • Explanation Topic 1.7
  • Get to work! 

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Think about everything we discussed in the last couple of lessons about topic 1

Do: make a wordweb with everything that you can think of

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Topic 1

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Learning goals
At the end of this lesson you know:
  • Why people save money
  • What factors are an influence on the amount of interest you pay

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Saving is not spending money
  • With a purpose
  • As a precaution

Buy less now and buy more later

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Borrowing is using someone else’s money

You have to repay the money you borrow 
Paying off your loan, you can choose different maturities

If you borrow money you have to pay interest as well
The debt remain the same when paying interest!

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The amount of interest you pay is based on different factors:
  • Time
  • Your debt
  • Percentage of interest

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What are the two main reasons why people save money?

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What factors influence the amount of interest you pay?

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What would you like to do in the review lesson of topic 1?

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Get to work!

Do tasks from: Saving and borrowing

Questions? Raise your hand

Done? Work on another subject

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