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Movie/series review
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In deze les zitten 16 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Movie/series review

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What to expect?
  • Introduction (before watching)
  • Student activity (while watching)
  • Movie/series review (after watching)

Lesson goal: Practise active listening & learn new words.

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Introduction (before watching):

Pick out a movie or series by reading the description and watching the trailer. Please put your subtitles in the English language.

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Student activity (while watching):

Here is a list of questions. Read through these questions before watching the film/series and answer them all as you watch or afterwards.

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1. Who is the main character? Please describe...

Slide 5 - Open vraag

2. How is the main character dressed and what does this tell us about him/her?

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3. In what time is the movie/series set and how do you know?

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4. Are there any other important characters? Who are they and why are they important?

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5. While watching you will hear some new words. Write them down in a list below and translate them to Dutch by looking them up online or in the dictionary. (This way you will add some new words to your vocabulary.)
10 NEW ENGLISH WORDS Translation in Dutch
Example: in the meantime ondertussen Make a list: 1 t/m 10.

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Movie/series review (after watching)
Answer the question with at least 4 sentences (=zinnen).

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Your rating:
How many stars does this movie/series deserve according to you?

Slide 11 - Quizvraag

1. Which of the characters impressed you the most? Explain.

Slide 12 - Open vraag

2. Which part of the film/series do you like the best? Explain why.

Slide 13 - Open vraag

3. What were your feelings towards the conclusion of the film/series? If you were the writer, how could you have ended the story?

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4. Would you recommend this film/series to a friend? If yes, why? If no, why not?

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The end

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