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Learning goals
- You know how to write an email
- You know how to start an email
- You know what to write in your email
- You know what to write in the subject
- You know how to end the email

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Je wil een mailtje sturen naar je neef, in welke volgorde zet je de onderdelen?
Subject: My school
Dear Steven,
Thank you for your e-mail, it was nice to hear from you.
I go to school in Amersfoort now, I really like it there. Where do you go to school?
I would love to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,


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Parts of an e-mail
(- Subject, onderwerp, waar mail je over?)
- Greeting, begroet degene die je een mail stuurt
- Reason, de reden dat je mailt
- Main text, de boodschap van je mail
- Closing, wat verwacht je van degene die je mailt?
- Greeting, sluit je mail weer af met een groet.

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How would you greet someone? Drag the greetings to the right spot.
- Someone you know well, a friend or family member

- Someone you don't know well, a teacher or your boss

- Someone you don't know the name of
Dear Daniel
Dear Mr Johnson
Dear Sir/Madam

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Reason for writing
- Thanks for writing me. 
- How are you doing?
- I'm e-mailing you because... 

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Main text
Write your message to the reader
- Write down what you want to say, make a new paragraph with each thing you talk about.
- Always skip a line between paragraphs to make it nicer to read!

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Write down what you expect from the reader:
- I hope to hear from you soon
- Tell me if you're available on Saturday
- Please give me a call this week 

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Final greeting
Finish your letter with another greeting:

Informal (to someone close, like friends or family)
Bye, Cheers, Best wishes, love, kisses, see you soon

End with your name (always). 

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Your turn
Write an e-mail to your penpal (someone you met online). Introduce yourself, tell them something about yourself (age, hobbies, school, what do you look like, etc). 
Ask them what they look like, and what their hobbies are. 
The main part of the e-mail has to be *at least* 8 sentences.

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