Lesson 4 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Welcome to Hogwarts!
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Welcome to Hogwarts!

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1. Welcome to Hogwarts & lesson goals (5 min)
2. Introduction to 'Harry Potter
and the Philosopher's stone' (10 min)
3. Reading 'A letter from Hogwarts' (20 min)
4. Cooling down at 'Platform 9  3/4' (10 min)
5. End of lesson 'back to reality' (5 min)

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1. Welcome to Hogwarts & 
lesson goals
Students can derive the meaning of words from a text.

Students know how to read a text in two steps
(from roughly to detailed).

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2. Introduction to
'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone'

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Who is Harry Potter:

[Answer in English, please]

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Slide 6 - Video

Pair work
Guiding questions:
  • Have you seen this film/ read the book?
  • What do you like/dislike?

    If not: what do you think the book/film is about (trailer)?

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3. Reading 'A letter from Hogwarts'
At one point, Harry receives his very first letter from Hogwarts. 

You're going to read an extract (=parts) from Chapters 4:
'The Keeper of the Keys'.
Advanced readers: extract Chapter 6 'Platform nine three-quarters'.

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Reading in rounds: a reading strategy
Step 1: 1st reading round: read  roughly
Step 2: Discussion: what is this about?
Step 3: 2nd reading round: read thoroughly.
Translate underlined words
Step 4 Did you learn new things?

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How did it go?

What did you learn?


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4. Cooling down on Platform 9 3/4
  1. You're going to see an image of platform nine and three-quarters.
  2. Look at the picture for one minute & write down as many words (in English).
  3. After 1 minute: upload your words in LessonUp.

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nine and three-quarters

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Platform 9 3/4

Slide 13 - Open vraag

  • Go to Quizlet.live

  • Log in with your first name

  • Wait until the game starts

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5. Homework &
End of lesson 
Learn the vocabulary.

If you wish: use Quizlet
(see link in Magister).

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Tips? Tops?
Did we reach our lesson goals?

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Would you like to read 'Harry Potter"?
Yes: it appeals to me.
No, it doesn't appeal to me.
I'm not quite sure.

Slide 17 - Poll

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