English Writing (Speaking) Making appointments

English writing (speaking)
Making appointments
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English writing (speaking)
Making appointments

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- Checkings answers: Opinion exercises
- Writing: Making appointments

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Opinions: exercise 1 
Write down the reactions. 

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1. Your friend: How do you like my new shoes?
You: (reageer positief)

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2. Your parents: You have to pay us rent (huur) from now on.
You: (reageer negatief en licht je reactie toe)

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3. Your friend: Let’s order sushi.
You: (reageer negatief en stel iets anders voor)

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4. Your friend: Do you think our team will win the football match?
You: (reageer en licht je reactie toe)

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Opinions: exercise 2 
Are the following words used in positive or negative reactions? Place them in the right category. You can use a dictionary for words you don’t know. 

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Opinions: exercise 2 

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Opinions: exercise 3
Give your opinion on the cases.

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1. What do you think of having class on the fifth floor?

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2. What do you think of the Black Friday sales?

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3. What is your opinion about banning fireworks?

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4. What is your opinion about having a longer Christmas break?

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Making appointments

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Making appointments
- Making an apppointment
- Inviting someone
- Accepting or denying 

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You're calling a company to
make an appointment.
What would you say?

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Making an appointment
Useful phrases:
 - I would like to make an appointment.
 - What would be a convenient time for you?
 - Do you have any time preferences?

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Inviting someone
Useful phrases:
 - Shall we meet after...?
 - I would like to invite you to...
 - Let's meet at ... on ... 

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Accepting or denying
Useful phrases:
 - I gladly accept (your invitation).
 - I'm sorry, I must decline your invitation.
 - I would like to reschedule our appointment.
 - I will be attending the meeting.

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Formal vs informal
Formal appointments: 
 - appointments with customers / clients
 - business appointments

Informal appointments:
 - meetings with / invitations from friends

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Exercise: formal vs informal
Choose the more formal option.

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Which one is more formal?
Sorry but I can't come.
I'm afraid I won't be able to come.

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Which one is more formal?
What time works for you?
What would be a convenient time for you?

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Which one is more formal?
I will be attending the meeting.
I'll be at the meeting.

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For next week
Teams > bestanden > Making appointments > Appointment Exercises
To those who are taking the exam, best of luck!

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