Analyzing motion

Analyzing motion
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Analyzing motion

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Being able to "read" graphs and interpret them.
Being able to explain the interrelationships between graphs.

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Can you describe this motion?

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Look at the distances in between every photo. 
What can you tell me about the vertical and horizontal motion?

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Every photo of the car resembles a moment in time.
When these photos are taken every second, the distance in between the photos will tell you something about the change in speed in that timeframe.

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Find the right combinations.

The next three pages will show different graphs for three categories: a s-t graph, a v-t graph and a a-t graph.

You need to find out which three graphs belong together. So for each s-t graph you need to find the matching v-t and a-t graph.

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Which combinations did you find?

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Which combinations did you find?

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Which combinations did you find?

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Which graph(s) resembles a constant motion
A & B
B & C
A, B & D

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Donna overtakes Barry with a constant speed.
Barry as waiting for Donna and jumps on his bike
when she overtakes him. It doesn't take long before
he is able to overtake her himself.

Which graph is the right one for this situation

Slide 28 - Quizvraag

Koen is cycling.
A) when is he resting?
B) when is he moving with a constant speed?
C) when is he accelerating?
D) when is he decelerating?
E) when has he traveled 75 meter?
F) how far has he traveled in total?

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