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Thailand, a different world (Guide)
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Thailand, a different world (Guide)

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The aim of this lesson.
  • What is a climate chart?
  • What is a people, nation and state? And give examples of different peoples, nations and states.
  • What belongs to culture and what are the differences when you look at global scalelevel?

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G151 People, nation, state
A people is a group of human being who have lived together for centuries and share the same culture. 
For example:
The indians in the Amazon
The aboriginals in Australia
But also the Austrian people and 
the Inuit people in Greenland, Canada and Russia

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G151 People, nation, state
If only one people lives in a state, it is called a nation. It is also called a nation state. Iceland and Denmark are good examples of nation states.

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G151 people, nation, state
Some states are the homeland of several peoples. Russia, for example.

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G151, People, nation, state
In some cases, the homeland of a people extends over more than one state.
The Kurds, for example

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G152 Culture
Culture is a word that describes the beliefs and customs that we learn when we are growing up.
For example: If you are from an Arab family, you learn the language, religion and way of dressing that belong to Arab culture. 

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G152 Culture
You can also recognize a culture by elements of the spatial planning. 
For example: 
Mosques belongs to the Islamic culture.
Dutch cities and towns have a lot of cycle paths.

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G152 Culture
There are seven cultural regions. These are regions with a similar culture. But if you zoom in on a national or regional scale, you will discover 
major differences within 
a cultural region.

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G152 Culture
Elements of a culture can spread 
from one cultural region to another. 
This is called diffusion
For example:

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