1718 WB1Y Ch1 Lesson 3

Goals 1-test Ch1 (Refresh, §1.1, §1.2 & §1.3)
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Goals 1-test Ch1 (Refresh, §1.1, §1.2 & §1.3)

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You can follow the guidelines for Maths when taking the test
- Writing with a pen
- Drawing with a geotriangle and pencil
- Show calculations/reasoning, not just the answers

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You can name the following plane figures:
Triangle, square, rectangle, pentagon, hexagon, circle

Example exercises:
R1bcd, 3c, 4e, 9b, B1b
Workbook practice test 1, exercises: 4a

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You can name the following solids:
Cube, cuboid, pyramid, cylinder, sphere

Example exercises:
R3, 2a, 3a, 14bd, 32c, T1a, B1a
Workbook practice test 1, excercises: 1a

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You can tell how many faces, edges and vertices a solid has

Example exercises:
9ac, 10a, 32ad, T1b, T6a, B1b, B2, M2abc, C2
Workbook practice test 1, excercises: 1b, 4bc

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You can explain the difference between a drawing of a solid and a drawing of a wire model

Example exercises:
1d, 7a, 14a, B1d
Workbook practice test 1, excercises: -

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You can draw a top view, front elevation, side elevation and rear elevation of a solid, wire model or a cube construction and vice versa

Example exercises:
10a, 11c, 14cd, 16be, 17, 18, 19, 31, 32e, T2, T6b, T7b, B4, B5, M1, M3
Workbook practice test 1, excercises: 4d, 5

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You can calculate how much wire is needed for a wire model with given dimensions and vice versa

Example exercises:
6, 7bc, 11b, 34b, T1ce, T7ac, B1e, M2d
Workbook practice test 1, excercises: 2

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You can understand the questions/words that were part of the homework exercises

- Which solids corresponds to this top view?
- Slanting/slanted edges of a pyramid
- Use as many cubes as possible
- Remove
a cube
- What shape is the base?
- How tall is the cube construction?
- Etc.

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You do NOT have to know the following

- Nets (in Dutch: uitslag/bouwplaat, for example: exercises R5, 2e, 8, 12)
- Anything from §1.4 and §1.5

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Study advice
- Rewatch the presentations for Chapter 1 on LessonUp (Sign up on lessonup.io or in the LessonUp app and use class code: ewzse).
- Look in your notebook, which exercises did you do wrong? Make those again, what did you do different this time?
- Make a list of words that are important, study those.
- Read the green blocks and texts, try to think of a question that would use this information.
- Make (and check!) some of the example exercises you have not done yet.

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- Study for the test
- Bring your notebook to class and hand in at the start of the lesson

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