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Which book are you
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Read for 20 mins.
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In deze les zitten 45 slides, met interactieve quizzen, tekstslides en 1 video.

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Which book are you
reading right now?
Read for 20 mins.

Slide 1 - Woordweb

Welcome class H4

Slide 2 - Tekstslide

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Lesson goals:
- Vocab check: follow up
- Recap: a good news article?
- Recap: fake news?

Slide 4 - Tekstslide

Give five elements / characteristics of a good news article:

Slide 5 - Open vraag

Give an example of news reporting gone wrong

Slide 6 - Open vraag

Do you remember? What is an important characteristic of fake news?

Slide 7 - Open vraag

What's usually the aim / goal of fake news?

Slide 8 - Open vraag

How can you recognise a fake news article?

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Fake news?
1. Read past the headline
2. Check what news outlet published it
3. Check the publishing date and time
4. Who's the author?
5. Check if other news outlets are reporting it
6. Think before you share

Slide 10 - Tekstslide

conspiracy theory?

Slide 11 - Woordweb

Conspiracy theory?
A theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.

For example: the conspiracy theories surrounding Kennedy's assassination, or about Hillary Clinton and the pizzeria.

Slide 12 - Tekstslide

How do you recognise a conspiracy theory?

Slide 13 - Open vraag

Slide 14 - Link

Do you know a conspiracy theory? Do you believe in it?

Slide 15 - Open vraag

Can you write a headline for a conspiracy theory?

Slide 16 - Open vraag

Welcome class H4


Slide 17 - Tekstslide

Lesson goals:
- Homework check: write your own fake news article 
about a fictional Dutch spy + vocab
- the willing suspension of disbelief
- judge your news

Slide 18 - Tekstslide

Homework check:
 - Stepping Stones vocabulary C, D, E
- write your own fake news article about a fictional Dutch spy. Hand it in!
(--> the people at home hand it in tomorrow)

Slide 19 - Tekstslide

the willing suspension
of disbelief..?

Slide 20 - Woordweb

The willing suspension of disbelief: 
people often believe what they want to believe.

People are often drawn to stories that reinforce the way they see the world and how they feel about certain issues. Fake news is no exception, and many of the articles that fall under its umbrella are designed to stir up emotion in readers and prey on their biases.

So what do you do..?

Slide 21 - Tekstslide

It’s important to check that news stories are based on fact, rather than sharing them because they support one side of an argument.

Slide 22 - Tekstslide

The Dan Shadwell interview
- next slide - 

Question: what does Dan mean with 'You have to triangulate the news'? (listen until the end )

Slide 23 - Tekstslide

Slide 24 - Video

What does Dan mean with ' you have to triangulate the news'?

Slide 25 - Open vraag

The Fake News Checklist

Slide 26 - Tekstslide

Slide 27 - Link

Assignment 5
  • Find an internet news article.
  • Use the fake news checklist and decide whether you think it is reliable or fake news.
  • It could be nice to choose news that does not support your views or that you suspect.
  • Presenting and opinion: 5-10 min. SO.

Slide 28 - Tekstslide

Positive or negative news?
"50% of Belgians not in favour of Covid-19 vaccine, survey shows"
-> What does this also mean?
-> Why did the news provider choose this heading?

Slide 29 - Tekstslide

"50% of Belgians not in favour of Covid-19 vaccine, survey shows"
-> What does this also mean?

Slide 30 - Open vraag

"50% of Belgians not in favour of Covid-19 vaccine, survey shows"
-> Why did the news provider choose this heading?

Slide 31 - Open vraag

Slide 32 - Link

Write down the gist for bad news in your own words:

Slide 33 - Open vraag

News item of the week:
  1. What kind of news is it?
  2. For what kind of people is this news?
  3. It is relevant/irrelevant because ……..
  4. I would rate this news with a : ………….
  5. Three words from this item to remember are:

Slide 34 - Tekstslide

Slide 35 - Link

What kind of news is it?

Slide 36 - Open vraag

For whom is this news?

Slide 37 - Open vraag

It is relevant/irrelevant because:

Slide 38 - Open vraag

How do you rate this news (1-10)?

Slide 39 - Open vraag

Three words from this item to remember are:

Slide 40 - Open vraag

Assignment 1:
  • Each lesson someone provides a news item.
  • You do not have to present it, just provide it.
  • The class reacts to the news.
  • Time: 10 minutes.

Slide 41 - Tekstslide

Groups of 4:
week 9: Zahia - Jaouad - Mohammad E - Mohamed E
week 10: Delfina - Muhammed G - Melisa - Seval
week 11: Zeinab - Steven - Saranke - Dila - Diogo
Week 12: Karolina - Nour - Diego - Axcel - Gulsennur
--> find a news item with your group 
--> make sure to hand it in, in lesson 1 of 'your' week.

Slide 42 - Tekstslide

Assignment 2
  • Everyone brings a news item: either on your laptop or on paper.
  • In groups of 3/4 you tell about your news item.
  • What category/subcategory does your news belong to?
  • Who would be interested in this news item?
  • Interesting 1/5 for other group members? Motivate your answer.

Slide 43 - Tekstslide

Check Magister for homework

Slide 44 - Tekstslide

Kahoot vocab

Slide 45 - Tekstslide