Respect through lyrics; the rise of Gangsta Rap

Hip Hop
The Rise of Gangsta Rap
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Hip Hop
The Rise of Gangsta Rap

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  • Origin of Gangsta rap
  •  What respect means in Gangsta rap
  • A glimpse into the world of the black community 

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What is a gangster

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What is gangsta rap? explain in your own words

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Gangsta rap
  • Subgenre of hip hop music 
  • emerged in the mid- to late 1980
  •   highly controversial
  • Amid poverty, discrimination and police violence
  • Became a way of expressing frustration

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"- N****s with attitude
- The world's most dangerous group
- Formed in 1987
- Brought the violent realities of life in the projects to mainsteam radios

- Considered Pioneers of Gangsta rap
- Rank 83rd on rolling stones' 100 greatest ever artists list
- Time to be subtle was gone

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N.W.A were called "the worlds most dangerous group. Why do you think that is ?

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Whats the difference in emotions between the two beats? think about: happy, sadness anger frustration. explain why

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Ice cube says "They have the authority to kill a minority " what does this mean ?

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accoding to Ice cube, what is a minority ?
being under the age of full legal responsibility
Black people
caucasian people
the smaller number or part,

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What did you think ?

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