Leerjaar 3: Fluency, recommendation, questions

Would you rather be able to breathe under water or be able to fly?
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In deze les zitten 18 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Would you rather be able to breathe under water or be able to fly?

Slide 1 - Open vraag

Tasks and goals 
Fluency practise 
Grammar: questions and negatives / writing exam
Writing a recommendation

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What book is your favourite to read to four year olds?

Slide 3 - Open vraag

Fluency of speaking
  • Avoid 'eh'/ 'uhm' and long pauses 
  • structure: what have you chosen, why, information, positives and negatives and conclusion. 
  • Keep it simple: vocab and grammar

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Writing practise: 

Step 1: Go to: learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org B2 level reading. 
Read and answer questions.
(Lower level: B1/ Higher level: go to BBC.CO.UK)

Step 2. Write a recommendation about the article you've read. 
When writing a recommendation include the following:

  1. The title and author (I read… by…)
  2. A summary of what happens that doesn’t give away too much (In this article…)
  3. Comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the book (the strongest/weakest part of the article is…)
  4. Personal response (Overall this article was… because…)

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Write your recommendation: we will review at least one.

Slide 17 - Open vraag

Looking back: we've practised our fluency, did a recap on question and negative sentences, worked on our writing skills. 
Next time: check planner! 


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