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Careers Programme 
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Careers Programme 

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Lesson Objectives
1. We will learn the concept of JOB INTERVIEW 
2. Preparation before JOB INTERVIEW
3. Questions to be asked in an interview

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What is Job Interview ?

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WHat is this picture mean ?

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What is Job Interview?
A meeting between you and a potential employer when you apply for a job.

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Job Interview
The employer will ask you questions to see if you are suitable for the job.
If you impress the employer with your answers then you may be offered the job.

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Preparation before JOB INTERVIEW
1. Read and understand job specification beforehand.
2. Adapt answers according to job specification.
3. Ensure you plan your travel and be on time to your location.

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4. Sit up straight when sat and maintain eye contact when answering questions.
5. Shake hands (same gender rules above) and say goodbye upon finishing an interview.

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Which one of the following is important before you go to interview ?
Plan your travel and location
Plan your breakfast

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Preparation before

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What questions they will ask you when you go for a Job Interview?

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Which questions you will be asked ?
1. Why do you want to work here?
2. What can you tell me about yourself?
3. Can you list your strengths?

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4. What weaknesses do you have?
5. Why should I consider hiring you?
6. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

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Which are the questions that can be asked for an Job interview ?
Why you want to work here
give your introduction
What is your strength
All of the above

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Which questions cannot be asked during Job interview?
When you will be married
What are your fav clothes
What is your monthly expense
All of the above

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Are you confident for Job interview ?

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What did you learn in this lesson ?

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