9/11 : Speech of President Bush

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What happened on 9/11?

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Write down the key points of the speech in Dutch (at least four, but no more than six).

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Compare your key points with your classmate. Are they similar or do they differ?

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What message is the President sending to the American people? To the world? To the terrorists?

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Write down five words that you don't know the meaning of, look them up in the dictionary and write down their Dutch translations as well.

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Which words or sentences from the speech are powerful to you? Why are they powerful to you?

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George Bush portrays a black-and-white image of two different groups. Can you figure out what they are and in what respect they differ from each other?

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Why do you think the President's uses loaded words such as 'evil', 'acts of mass murder, 'the very worst of humankind' in his speech?

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What message is the President trying to convey?

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What message is the President trying to convey?

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