Between art and quarantine

Between art and quarantine 
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Between art and quarantine 

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Between art and quarantine is a hit on instagram since COVID-19. Because people got bored stuck at home (lockdown) someone made up this 'challenge': recreate a famous piece of art. People from all over the world are joining in on this challenge. 
Want to see for yourself? Look on instagram #tussenkunstenquarantaine.
Between art and quarantine 

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And now what? You make a 'between art and quarantine' 

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  1. Look for a painting or a piece of art you want to recreate. 
  2. You can do this assignment in groups, everyone has to be in your recreation. 
  3. Try to recreate this painting as good as possible. Use your imagination, use objects and props, clothing and background that look like what you see on the original painting. . Minimal resources, maximum creativity! 
  4. Take a picture of your 'homemade art' or let someone else do it.  
Between art and quarantine 

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4. Submit your homemade art' via private message in Teams and don't forget to also send the orginal painting together with your recreation. 
5. Mention the name of the original painting, the painter, and mention at least three of the six key features that apply to the orginal painting. 

  • Through private chat in Teams 
  • Deadline? March 10 23:59

Between art and quarantine

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Assessment criteria
  • You have recreated your painting in an original way
  • You have not edited your picture 
  • You have mentioned the painter and the title of the painting
  • You have mentioned at least three of the six key features of visual art
  • You've respected the deadline 

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