Lesson 3 - Tweaked

Lesson 3 - Python
Year 7 
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ComputingLower Secondary (Key Stage 3)

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Lesson 3 - Python
Year 7 

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KO: To be-able to explain what a conditions are in programming.
- To be-able to explain what conditions are and how they are used in programming.

- To be-able explain why conditions are important in programming.
- To be-able to explain how conditions can be used to validate a users input.

- To be-able demonstrate and show understanding of using conditions in your coding.

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Why is programming important?

Slide 3 - Woordweb

What does a 'print' statement do in Python?
Stops the program
Displays output on the screen
Saves data to a file
Deletes code

Slide 4 - Quizvraag

What is a variable in Python?
A function in Python.
A loop in Python.
A named container for storing data.
An if statement in Python.

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Can you...
Write a print statement saying your name e.g. "Joe Bloggs"?

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Can you...
Take an input from a user and use it in a sentence?

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Slide 8 - Video

What is a condition?

Slide 9 - Open vraag

In Python, a condition is a statement that can be seen as either True or False.

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Slide 11 - Video

Recap: Operators
The below are essential when programming...

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if, else - Example Program 

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if, else - Program Flowchart

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Let's take a look at the actual program...

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Let's look at why the program doesn't work properly!
Click here

'Make the students aware of data type casting'. This example is altered to show them!

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Making your own... 

Using the template above, can you 'Tweak' it? To make the below program.

The legal age to drive a car is 17 Years old.

If you can't drive, the code must print "You are not old enough to drive", 

If you can drive the code must print "You are old enough to drive".

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Driving Age: Solution

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if, else, elif - Example Program

Slide 19 - Tekstslide

if, elif, else Statements

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if, elif, else Statements 

Slide 21 - Tekstslide

How if, elif and else statements can be used

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Can you...
Can you create your own program that uses if, elif and else?

I want you to create a program where:

If - you enter your name it prints("That is an awesome name")
elif - you enter John it prints("That is a good name")
elif - you enter Harry it prints("That is an ok name")
else - it prints("That isn't a good name")

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What are conditional statements used for?
Breaking the code
Printing out all possible options
Making decisions based on certain conditions
Making the code run faster

Slide 24 - Quizvraag