Objective Advanced unit 23

week 19
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week 19

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unit 23
I really must insist

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You are in a restaurant. The waiter is taking ages to serve you and you've been waiting 45 minutes. The restaurant is busy. do you ..
walk out of the restaurant?
go up to the waiter and demand to see the manager?
try to smile at the waiter?

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You paid a lot of money for a designer t-shirt. The first time you washe dit, you followed the instructions, but the colour ran and ruined some other clothes. When it dried it had shrunk. You think the material is poor quality. Do you
throw it in the bin and forget about it?
phone the shop and complain angrily?
go back to the shop with the t-shirt and ask politely your money back?

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You go to a concert with a coach company. The trip was advertised as using comfortable buses with friendly drivers. You arrive four hours late. The coach was dirty and the driver was rude. Do you
get a taxi back home and pay for it?
get a taxi back home and insist that the coach company pays for it?
mention to the driver that tou've missed the concert and write to the coach company when you get home?

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What kind of complainer are you?
face- to -face
by phone
by letter or email
on a social-networking site

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This is an important exercise as these kinds of texts are also in the exam!

If you do not know how to tackle texts like these, ask your teacher for help.

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A. Who will I complain to?
B. How can I get my money back?
C. How do I feel?
D. Ask yourself: what are the facts?
E. What do I do if I don't get satisfaction?
F. What are my rights?
G. How will I complain most effectively?
H. What do I want?
Underline the most important parts of the sentences to help you focus.

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phrasal verbs

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Can you separate:
We are gearing up for the 100th anniversary of the firm.

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Do exercise 2 on p. 144

OA CD 2 nr 16

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Write a letter of complaint.
This is a formal letter!
no contractions
no slang, colloquials, youth language or text message language
use polite forms: would like instead of want.

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