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To do today klas 3C
1) Herhalen theorie briefschrijven -> waar moet je opletten!

2) Nakijken zinnen briefschrijven 19 t/m 55

3) Zelfstandig werken 
   -> Schrijven oefenbrief 2

4) Uitleg overgangsnormen

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Learning goals writing
- You know how to start an email
- You know what to write in your email
- You know what to write in the subject
- You know how to end the email

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Je wil een mailtje sturen naar je neef, in welke volgorde zet je de onderdelen?
Subject: My school
Dear Steven,
Thank you for your e-mail, it was nice to hear from you.
I go to school in Amersfoort now, I really like it there. Where do you go to school?
I would love to hear from you soon.
Kind regards,


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Parts of an e-mail

- Aanhef:  begroet degene die je een mail stuurt
- Inleiding: de reden dat je mailt
-  Middenstuk: de boodschap van je mail
- Einde: wat verwacht je van degene die je mailt?
- Afsluiting:  sluit je mail weer af met een groet.

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How would you greet someone? Drag the greetings to the right spot.
- Someone you know well, a friend or family member

- Someone you don't know well, a teacher or your boss

- Someone you don't know the name of
Dear Daniel
Dear Mr Johnson
Dear Sir/Madam

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Reason for writing
- You are reacting to an e-mail you got from someone
- You want to know how someone is doing
- you want information on something
- etc.

Waarom schrijf je?

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Main text
Write your message to the reader
- Write down what you want to say, make a new paragraph with each thing you talk about.
- Always skip a line between paragraphs to make it nicer to read!

Wat wil je vertellen?

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Write down what you expect from the reader:
- I hope to hear from you soon
- Tell me if you're available Saturday

Wat verwacht je nu van de lezer?

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Final greeting
Finish your letter with another greeting:

Informal (to someone close, like friends or family)
Best wishes,

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