The Glowing Caves of New Zealand

The glowing caves of New Zealand
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The glowing caves of New Zealand

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Improving your reading skills.
Enlarging your knowledge of New Zealand

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What is true about 'Arachnocampa luminosa' according to paragraph 1?
Another name for this animal is Glow-worm Grotto.
It is one of the few animals that lives in caves.
It lives in places where there is no wind.

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The ceiling of the cavern looks like...

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The guides provide...

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How can you tell Trishia McNeal likes the caves?
She says it's the most beautiful place in the world.
She shows up at the caves each time she is in New Zealand.
She visits them every year.

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What's Patrick's opinion about the caves and why?

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What is true about the glow-worms?
They aren't really worms.
They live inside mushrooms.
They sometimes eat each other.

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What's meant by a 'glow-worm' in New Zealand and Australia?

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Why do you usually find a lot of glow-worms packed together in a moist place?
There isn't much room in caves.
They need humid and still air to create their snares.
They only live on the roofs of caves.

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Mention 4 features of an adult fly...

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How do glow-worms make their light shine?
They have a luminescent organ that looks like an airbag.
They make the light with an organ humans also have.
They produce a lot of oxygen, which causes their tail to shine.

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What is true according to the last paragraph?
All glow-worms produce light every hour of the day.
They produce light at all stages of their life, from egg to fly.
When you scare a glow-worm, it will turn off its light.

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What's the difference between outdoor and indoor glow-worms?

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I feel more confident about my reading skills, after practising this text thoroughly.

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Read and listen to The Magician's Nephew and/or work on your bookfile!

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