2021 V3 Vaccines

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vaccine, vaccination, immunity, herd immunity, artificial immunity, dead pathogen, weakened pathogen
Learning goals

Explain how vaccine provides immunity;
Explain the importance of herd immunity;

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Explain the relationship between antigens and antibodies.

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Why don't you get sick when you get a vaccine?

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Two common side effects of vaccines are arm pain and fever. Why are these two side effects to be expected?

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Amount of antibody in the blood after twice being infected by the same pathogen

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In some countries, 12-year-old boys are offered the HPV vaccine. They cannot get cervical cancer themselves (they do not have a uterus). Why would a vaccination of boys help prevent HPV in girls?

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What is the main risk if too few people are immune to a particular disease?

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Which groups run a high risk of becoming ill if there is too little herd immunity?

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