Reading A1 - Californian Wildfires

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3. Now, read the text together with a classmate. Mark the words in the text that you don’t know, but keep reading.

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The words in the table on the next slide come from the text. What do they mean? Use the steps from the explanation (slide 3), and write down the meaning of the word. Which step from the explanation did you use? Step 1, 2 or 3? Write it down under Step.

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Copy this table in to your notebook and fill it in as you read the text

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What words did you mark while reading? Do you know now what they mean? If not, write them down too and try to find out their meaning.

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Answer the Questions
What is the text about? Work with a classmate and answer the questions. Write some key words down, to remember your answers.
1. What happened in California? 
2. Why did it happen there?
3. How often does this happen?
4. What do we need to do to stop it?

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The text California Fires gives you information about a problem, what the causes of this problem are, and what a solution to that problem can be.
In the table on the next slide, you can write all this information down. This gives you a good overview of the text. Complete the table by placing the lines below in the right spot.

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Write a name poem
How do you feel about the situation in Paradise? Write a name poem to express your feelings. In a name poem you use every letter of a name as the first letter of the line. For example:
P aradise is completely destroyed 
A ll people had to leave their house 
R eally scary.    ... and so on.
 Complete the name poem on the next slide in your note book

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Adapted by Susan Corrigan

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