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In deze les zitten 31 slides, met interactieve quizzen, tekstslides en 10 videos.

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Typhoon 'Goni' is the strongest storm of the year in the Philippines. The electricity is out and roads are impassable due to the flash floods. There are many dead and injured. Fishing boats and crops have been completely wiped out. Everything has to be rebuilt. What relief supplies do the Philippines need most?


Are your emergency response teams making the right choices? Play the 'Humanity Game' and find out. As a game master you guide the students through this game. The manual describes the course of the game and gives further instruction. You deal with 4 disasters; 4 rounds in which students are watching impressive videos and then taking the knowledge test to earn money for new relief supplies. They will discover a lot about the Red Cross and the relief support in major disasters. Good luck!

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  • With a disaster it is of no importance who you are, where you live, or what your background is. Therefore we help everyone who is in need.
  • World’s biggest humanitarian network of volunteers.

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  • Are there emergency response teams?
  • Does each team have a name?
  • Have you got the basic stock of relief supplies?
  • Are you ready to go?

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Natural disasters occur more and more frequently,
and affect more and more people. Name 3 causes
of the increasing number of victims of natural disasters.
Question 1.

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Besides providing assistance afterwards, we also pay attention to preventative assistance in the Philippines. Who does what to help prevent damage and victims?
Question 2.
The Red Cross
Signal dangers and then warn others 
Make plans to evacuate the population
Help to make houses sturdier

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A lot of Red Cross humanitarian workers are needed
when a natural disaster of this size occurs.
What kinds of humanitarian workers are there?
Name 3 profiles:

Question 3.

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The uniform of your favourite sports association has an emblem on it.
On Red Cross humanitarian workers’ uniforms, vehicles and buildings
you will also see an emblem: a red cross. What other emblems does the
international Red Cross Movement use around the world? Name two:
Question 1.

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These are the two emblems we were looking for: a Red Crescent and a Red Crystal.

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The conflict in Syria has been going on for 10 years already, and the
International Red Cross Red Crescent movement has been providing
support throughout. Why is it so complicated to provide assistance
in Syria or other conflict areas? Name 3 reasons:
Question 2.

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Besides relief supplies like food and water,
the Red Cross is also paying more and more
attention to mental support.
Who needs this support and why?
Question 3.

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Once people arrive in Colombia, the Red Cross ensures
that everyone has enough water. How much water does
one person need on average per day, on the long term?
Question 1.
5 litres
15 litres
32 litres
50 litres

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More than 5 million refugees worldwide come from
Venezuela. This puts Venezuela 4th on the list of the
5 countries from which most people are fleeing.
Name 3 other countries from the top 5 (of 2022):
Question 2.

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When you are fleeing, you could become separated
from your family or friends. What can the Red Cross
do to find people and restore contact?
Question 3.

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