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Today's planning:
What are we going to do today?

- Explanation of different reading strategies

- Practice

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Lesson aim
At the end of this lesson you...
  • ... can identify the differences between scanning and skimming and apply these strategies while reading a text.

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Practicing Reading
Practicing Reading

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Reading Strategies

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  • Skim when you want to read something quickly to get a general idea.
  • Read headings and subheadings.

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  • Scan when you want to read something quickly to find a specific piece of information.
  • Find keywords or numbers in the question.
  • Move your eyes quickly across the text until you find keywords or numbers.

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We are going to practice online activities.

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I scan the text quickly to find specific information. T/F

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I can make predictions about the text before reading by looking at the title of an article.

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Skimming is a technique that you look at the first sentence of each paragraph for an idea of the article before reading closely. T/F

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At the end of this lesson you...
  • ...can identify the difference between skimming and scanning and be able to apply them while reading an article.

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