Introduction - first lesson

English Class 
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English Class 

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How are you/How do you feel ?

Slide 2 - Open vraag

What are we going to do today?

-  About me: where I come from
- What to do: classroom rules
- Why is English important?
- Tell me something about yourself by making a poster

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Introducing myself 

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Miss Shafik 

28 years old 
Born in Iraq
Living in Rotterdam 
Love cooking  and reading 
Studying  at Hogeschool Rotterdam 

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Classroom rules

Slide 6 - Tekstslide

Why is English important?

Slide 7 - Woordweb

How good is your English?
My English is good!
My English is not bad, but not very good either
I can understand it, but not speak it
Mij niet bellen

Slide 8 - Quizvraag

2 truths and one lie

Think of 2 truths and one lie.  Keep them in mind and tell all 3 to your classmates, let them guess which one is a lie. 

Slide 9 - Tekstslide

Tell me something about yourself!
You are going to make a poster. It is completely up to you how you want to make the poster. 

- Everything is written English 
- I want to know at least 10 things about you

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We will start with chapter 1 - make sure you have your books with you. 

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